Expedited Shipping

Cost-Efficient Delivery

If your freight is not big enough to fill the whole truck, it is better to use our sprinter van instead. It is safer, faster, and more affordable. Bigger vehicle costs a lot. So why pay more?

Fast Delivery

The bigger the truck, the more speed restrictions it has. Sprinters and vans, on the other hand, are way more maneuvering and don’t have such limits. So if you want your freight to be delivered as fast as possible, Ambufreight has a perfect solution for you.

Safety first - Exclusive Use Truck

Ambufreight’s primary goal is the safe and fast delivery of any freight, regardless of its type. We have insurance for each shipment, and the truck hauls your freight exclusively. Our drivers are experienced professionals that can handle any cargo. Our vast network of owner operators covers the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Dispatch Service Included

The dispatch department in Ambufreight is available 24/7. You can contact a dispatcher and find a driver for your freight. Also, we provide full-time support for clients, so you can call anytime and receive information on the current position of your shipment.

Instant Estimation

Along with the fast delivery, we provide fast freight quote estimation. All you need to do is use "Request a Quote" form and our representative will contact you within 15 minutes to answer all your questions.

What we do?